A Pop Up Event for Education and Charity

One week | London

125,000 times stronger

We can't thank the people of London (and elsewhere) enough for the support and overwhelming response and love for Annie the Owl since it's launch last week. Over 125,000 enteries (+60,000 people) have been applied for through the ballot. We assure you the welfare of the birds is our biggest priority and we are working with professionals to make sure of that. Thank you all! <3

In the News

"What a Hoot"

"The owls will all be accompanied by professional falconers who will see to their comfort and safety"

"Oh My God, An Owl Café Is Coming To London..."

"...sounds like a hoot"

"...hang out with some feathered friends"

"This ephemeral bar will be in an art gallery on two floors, with three separate rooms to ensure the welfare of the owls"

... and many more